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DAHUA PKP-WP1B Wireless Screen Sharing Cable (Support Full Feature Type-C USB Port Only)

DAHUA PKP-WP1B Wireless Screen Sharing Cable (Support Full Feature Type-C USB Port Only)


Wireless Screen Sharing Dongle

> No need to install software or drivers.

> Hassle free, there is no need to install cables.

> Performs projection with just the press of a button.

> Displays in 4K delivering a crisp image.

> Easy to use, it wirelessly transmits videos and audio to other devices, making it ideal for meetings.

> Supports Chrome, iPads and mainstream operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

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System Overview
Easy to use, the wireless transmitter is plug and play, and does not require any software or drivers to be installed. It projects a crisp image with just the press of a button, eliminating the need to perform time-consuming configurations. Simply pair, plug it in and hit the button to seamlessly transmit audio and videos to other devices.


With just the press of a button, the device performs wireless projection in seconds. It is easy to use and improves the efficiency of meetings.
Free of Software and Drivers
There is no need to install software and drivers, nor to worry about compatibility issues. Just plug it in and project your content without the risk of attacks from viruses and malicious software.
Easy to Pair
Designed for convenience, you need only plug it into another device that supports Eshare, and it will pair all on its own. It supports being paired with IFPs, projectors and more.
Security Protection Mechanism
Secure encryption and WPA2 authentication ensures your data remains secure.
Reliable Wireless Connection
The device preferentially selects 5G Wi-Fi channels to provide seamless wireless streaming of high-definition content.

Touch Feedback
The touch feedback feature allows users to perform touch control on the laptop that is casting to the touch display, making meetings more interactive and efficient.
With its brand new hardware configuration, the device has been fully optimized, offering better operations and greater performance.
Multiple Screens
The transmitter can be paired with multiple devices at the same time, and project for each device in turn. It also supports collaborative sharing through the EShare app.

DHI-PKP-WP1B is used with the Smart Interactive Whiteboard series.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm


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